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Blurry People Starting chatBlurrypeople is an interesting website for video chat among strangers, or “awesome strangers” as the website puts it. This website stands apart from many of the other video chat websites available out there, and definitely makes the first minute of your chat intriguing even if your chat partner isn’t very chatty.
The whole idea behind Blurrypeople is that you get the chance to talk to someone and get to know them before either of you get to see each other. The video appears blurry for the first few seconds, and then begins to un-blur. You can choose to jump right into the site’s services without signing up and then sign up when you’re ready to personalize your chat even more.

So Far So Good, Give Me Some More

The overall look of the website is nice, neat and creative. You shouldn’t have any difficulty navigating or figuring out exactly what you can do. You’ll find quick, simple instructions and tips/tutorials will help guide you through other features as you go along. There doesn’t appear to be any Help page, but it isn’t really needed. The main page shows you two squares where your video feed and the stranger’s will appear. The images are a little on the small side, but the images are clear (depending on the webcam quality this may vary, however) once the blurring feature is gone.

The most interesting feature of this website besides the blurring aspect is the rating system they have in place. People can rate you on friendliness, how interesting you are and good looking, all of which contributes to your overall “awesome” rating. This won’t stay in place if you are not sign up and signed in, but you are free to rate the people that you chat with. Those ratings will show up under the video feed, making it easier for you to find someone fun and interesting to talk to.

The other great thing about the rating system is that, once you’ve gained some points, you can narrow your search on the website. This is only offered to registered members, adding a bit of security to this site that you don’t often see. You can search by age, gender or even for friendly, interesting and good looking people. You can even search for someone specific. No one can rate themselves either, so your search will come up with more accurate and satisfactory results.

BlurryPeople-The Verdict

In our testing of Blurrypeople, we had a relatively positive experience. You may encounter the occasional jerk or pervert as that is bound to happen, but in our experience this is a much friendlier video chat site than most we’ve tried. People actually want to chat. We encountered one individual during our initial testing who was questionable, but compared to some other sites this man was almost a gentleman. Thanks to the blurring feature ad the rating system in place, you are likely to encounter more safe and PG chats on this website. We would suggest giving this website a try whether or not you’re new to video chat.

Summary Review BlurryPeople
  • Original Idea
  • Easy to Use
  • Rating System
  • Nothing Negative
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