Chat Pig Review

Chatpig is a simple, one page webcam chat service to connect you to strangers in a Chatroulette style. Cute Chat Pig Girl

The Chat Pig Basics

This webcam chat site looks much like many other sites like it, with the same setup. You can view both yours and your chat partner’s video feed to the left and then a text chat box takes up the majority of the page. This particular website is a little confusing because, while the controls are in English the instructions and introductory to the site are in German. There doesn’t seem to be any way to change the language settings, but you can at least understand how to get started without the instructions. You can use the three simple controls Start, Stop and Report during your chat experience. You can also control audio and set up Auto Next to make it easier to “browse” webcam users.

A Little Bit More About This Little Piggy

Chatpig shows you how many users are online. They keep everything very simple, so you can’t really be sure if they have any security measures in place other than the Report button. They do not list any Terms of Service, nor do they have any disclaimers or warnings in the introductory. All that the intro covers is how to start and stop your chat experience (all of this is in German though, so anyone who is severely unfamiliar with German may not be able to tell what it really says.). It also states that Chatpig is an anonymous speed-chatting platform but nothing else is mentioned.

Since there are not restrictions or warnings it is highly likely that you will encounter sexually explicit, obscene and/or offensive content on this particular webcam chat site. It is highly recommended that anyone under the age of 18 avoid this webcam chat site. If you are looking to have good conversation and find something to entertain you with good, clean fun you’re probably not going to find any of that here. It simply has too many openings for untrustworthy strangers to use this website and there aren’t as many customization features in comparison to other websites that offer a very similar service.

What Is Our Final Verdict?

We would not recommend this as one of the top free webcam sites out there. Although the pink pig icon is cute, that doesn’t make up for the lack in security and safety features. It’s just one of those webcam websites that you should avoid.

Summary Review Chatpig
  • Shows How Many Are People Online
  • Fast Connection
  • Friendly People
  • Not Many Customization Services
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2 comments on “Chat Pig Review
  1. Daniele Vassalli says:

    Chatpig is very beautiful. They also did that in Italian ->

  2. Malv says:

    This site steal people close account i take tokens and blocked your account. Be careful this site is Dangerous. STEAL SITE, It’s been more than 3 times that they hit me !!! Of course impossible to display their mails, so funny mails, mails of steal … i dont advise this site, girl is rude, ignorant about all people except 30 talk and play together but reject all people and get rude with rated with talking

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