MyChanceRomance Review

Mychanceromance is a relationship and dating webcam site still in BETA which allows you to meet singles in the New York area.Love at My Chance Romance

Some Of The Basic Features

The interface is different from many of the webcam chat sites out there. The video feed display is still the basic size but everything is very centered in their design. The text chat box can be found below the video feed and a few settings/filters line the left side. The overall theme fits in elements of romance with a heart shaped button and they are sure to add more once they’re out of BETA testing.

How this webcam site works is you select you gender and then the gender of the singles you wish to be connected to. You can then click Next as many times you want or choose to Auto Next until you find someone who peaks your interest. Since this site is still under development we can’t say much about it. Currently, however, it seems a little lacking. There only seems to be one location you can search, you can’t filter by age, personality, likes or certain appearance criteria that you often encounter on a dating site. While they portray themselves as a place of romantic “chance”, it would be better to at least narrow down the age. You can easily give feedback on the site though, so you can check out their site and help make it into something you would really want to use in the future.

Nothing Special About It

This website is obviously intended for people looking for love. It’s not a regular webcam chat site, so if you’re looking to just talk or make friends then it’s not for you. Mychanceromance is also intended for users 18 and older and pornographic, offensive and obscene content is not allowed. They do not appear to have many roadblocks in place, however, to help enforce these Terms of Service. There is a Report button, and they do not claim that they do any user blocking if they discover that you are going against the Terms of Service. The likeliness that you may encounter more than just people searching for love is therefore significantly higher.

The Verdict

Overall, we would recommend searching a little more for a good dating webcam chat site. If you want to help improve this site by testing it out as well and giving feedback, then it’s worth a visit. It will certainly be an interesting experience if nothing else.

Summary Review MyChanceRomance
  • Nice Graphics
  • Gender Selection
  • Good for Dating
  • Not Enough of Female Visitors
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