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Videocounter is a free webcam chat site with no restrictions in place and users from around the world.Cute Videoencounter Girl

Let’s Talk About SomeBasic Options

The interface of this website is very similar to other sites like it, though it has some variations when it comes to controls and the size of the video feed displayed on the page. There are a few unfamiliar chat features on this website like Buzz and Server Connection but they have some interesting features like Sound Effects and Snapshot.

Videocounter has visitors from all around the world, which you can see for yourself thanks to the Flag counter at the bottom of the page. You are bound to come across quite a number of people from different backgrounds, though if you’re not a registered user this can get a little boring. Registered users are allowed to filter their searches so they can meet the kind of people they want to chat with more easily. Logging in requires a Facebook account since that is the only registration method they have, which means you may be sharing some information with the website.

Some Other Nifty Options

Videoencounter allows you to embed a chat on your site with an html code that they provide. An unusual feature of the site is the link to Webcam Chat Logs, which will list the top commented chats and latest comments for anyone to see, though it is rather anonymous unless users have shared any personal information in the text.

Since this website has no restrictions, you are very likely to encounter questionable and offensive content on this site. If you are under the age of 18 you should avoid this webcam website, and anyone not interested in encountering sexually explicit content before they even start a chat should not go here either. They also make all chat sessions available to public access on this website, which includes both text chat and webcam snapshots, so privacy is a bit of an issue on this website. This does allow, however, for them to identify illegal content which users can report to the website.

The Verdict

Overall, we would not recommend this webcam site as the best. It is rather average and doesn’t offer that many features that a user would find very useful or intriguing enough to keep them on the site. We would suggest checking out a few other sites first that either can’t be integrated into Facebook or offer more features that would work well with Facebook.

Summary Review Videoencounter
  • Nice Design
  • You can embed the Chat to Your Site
  • Registered USers Can Filter the Searches
  • Not Enough Visitors
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