Wocchat Review

Wocchat.com is a website dedicated to providing you with a place to develop your relationships with friends and to make more along the way. They offer webcam services as well as forums, blogging, polls and quizzes, and much more. Cute California Girls On Wocchat

A little Bit More About Wocchat Basics

Overall, the interface is very similar to Facebook in certain aspects. Much of the color scheme is the same and the sign up page looks very similar. They have not completely mimicked the layout, however, as they have navigation bar listing all the different pages they offer. Most of these pages cannot be accessed by non-members so if you are hoping to use the entire site without signing up then that will not be happening on this site. The video chat and Chatroulette appear to be open to guests, however, which was rather unexpected.

They offer entertainment and social pages such as Polls, Videos, Events, Music, Quizzes and many more to help you interact with old friends and new friends. They offer both a Video Chat and a Chatroulette so that you can connect to specific people or members at random. Factor in the many ways to stay connected and continue socializing on this website beyond the video chat and it is a relatively well-rounded social network site.

One thing that you can access as a non-member is the Members list, which may be considered a privacy issue. You can search for members by certain criteria like geography or age. They automatically list a few members on the opening page, so those members who have posted an image to their profile are easily exposed to strangers who haven’t signed up yet.

Both video chat and Chatroulette have similar layouts, allowing for you to both interact with your partner through video and text. Wochhat’s video feed pages are not the most secure or safe to visit however and they don’t have many filters in place to help you have a better webcam chat experience.

The Final Verdict

We would not recommend this website despite the many other interesting social networking features that it offers. You can find similar features on better known and used social network sites out there with far better results and safety features in place. Overall, this webcam and social networking website just doesn’t have all that much to offer to make it worth checking out.

Summary Review Woocchat
  • Nice Graphics
  • Easy to Use
  • Friendly People
  • Need to Sign In
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