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Bazoomcam ScreenshotBazoocam is a chat website that can connect you with local and not so local strangers to talk and even play games. As the name suggests, they use webcams to connect you with random individuals. The overall look of the website is very simple.

Things We Like

They offer it in a number of languages, so you’re bound to meet someone from another country. There are quite a few ads that show up on the site, some positioned just right so that it causes a little confusion. Navigating it for the first time will be slightly frustrating, and many of the ads are for adult-content websites and sales.

The positive aspects of this webcam chat website have mainly to do with the slight chat customization that is available. You can choose specifically to be connected to people in your area, which is great for anyone who is trying to make friends on and off the site. That is basically the default setting, but if you want to try learning more about someone farther away and, perhaps, even from another country and culture then they have that option.

Their website does make getting started very easy. You don’t have to sign up and as soon as your webcam is up and running you can begin your video chat. If you don’t feel like talking or think that your microphone might not be the highest quality, don’t worry. Most people end up typing their messages.

They have a quick button for you to click with a keyboard hotkey just in case you don’t like the person you’re chatting with or want to keep browsing your options. You can also report people, which you’re very likely to do with the majority of people you come across if what you’re looking for it a simple chat.

Some Things Could Be Better

The website also markets their chat service as a fun place to get to know people and do silly things like sing a song to a random person or wear a mask. They even have a few simple games that are nice as “ice-breakers”.  From our testing, however, most of the people we were connected to weren’t really there to play get-to-know-you games. We were mostly connected to people who wanted x-rated conversations, and several of those people were very, very naked. This is most definitely not a kid-friendly website or even 18 and under friendly, though from the snapshot photos on the main page they do get some teens.

Bazoocam chat says that you will encounter a wide-range of people on their website, but we didn’t have that much luck and doubt that our luck will increase that much. If you’re looking for something x-rated rather than making new friends (platonic friends, not the other kind) then this might be the website for you. They do advertise themselves as more of a social site than anything else, however, so here is some fair warning for innocent eyes. Don’t go to this website. If the occasionally explicit ad doesn’t get to you, then the naked strangers will.

Summary Review Bazoocam
  • Chat Customization Available
  • Lots of Visitors
  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Mostly Male Users
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2 comments on “Bazoocam Review
  1. Bob says:

    Be warned. Bazoocam will ban you for no apparent reason and try to direct you to a “sexy chat” site where I imagine they will make some form of revenue from the contacts there.

    A bit like this site really

  2. volt says:

    fake cams and 99.9% men

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