Camzap Review

Camzap is a website that provides a quick way for you to connect with random people online. It is very simple, so you can quickly start chatting with someone through video chat and a chat box set to the side.

Things We Like At Camzap

Overall, Camzap’s interface and appearance are very simple. You don’t get any annoying ads along the borders or near the controls that you could accidently select while trying to navigate the site. There is also hardly anything to actually navigate. You simply press Start and you are “Zapped” to a random person to chat with. Then, you can continue to press the Zap button to work your way through different people until you find someone that you’re really interested in getting to know. When you are done, you simply have to press Stop or navigate away from the website.

CamZap will connect you to your language of choice, though their language options are limited. They cover some of the more common languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, etc. The different language options allow you to be connected to people that you will be able to clearly communicate with, but who are also more likely to be close or in your own country. With the way that this webcam chat site is designed we would say that, while it is likely that you will encounter a wide range of people, your chat opportunities might be a little limited geographically.

The website will typically ask permission to access your camera and microphone, so that you won’t immediately be streaming video stream to strangers before you’re ready. They also provide a Report button on this video chat website, which allows for better experience over time. If you encounter anyone who you believe is showing offensive and/or illegal content then it’s easy to report them and move along. Your privacy is important to Camzap as well, and they will not show your IP address or provide any personal information to others.

Some Improvements on the Way

Camzap is also working on a new, updated site and they offer access to the beta site right within the links at the bottom of the page of the older Camzap. They give warnings against those under the age of 18 entering this site, however, and warn against sexually explicit content. This warning should be displayed upon entering the older version as well, which is something that we find the Camzap to be lacking in terms of likeability. While it is a very simple site to use and you can report others if you feel uncomfortable due to their behavior, they just don’t provide enough visible warning pertaining to sexually explicit content.

If you are up for taking a chance on whom you might encounter, however, and are above 18 as well as comfortable with potentially encountering explicit content this is then a certainly an interesting webcam chat site. If you’re not technologically savvy, that’s perfectly fine. There shouldn’t be any confusion when it comes to figuring out how to get started. All you will have to worry about is what to say to the first person who pops up in the small square where the video feed is displayed.

Summary Review Camzap
  • No Annoying Ads
  • Really Fast
  • People from all over the World
  • Mostly Male Visitors
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4 comments on “Camzap Review
  1. Ashok says:

    I’ve been regularly using Camzap. Past few days a thing happened that i’m getting connected only to the beta version or the hi version of Camzap, which i feel is not user friendly. I want to gain access to the old version which is better in all respects. How can i go back to older version?

    Your guidelines expected asap…

    • RCadmin says:

      Hi Ashok
      Thank you for visiting our site. We just tested Camzap and it runs smoothly, we saw no signs of a new beta version.

  2. rony says:

    I too am having the same problem… whenever i try to connect to camzap it only opens the beta camzap or its hi version of camzap… This is happening for past few weeks… Can any one tell me how to access the original version of it?

  3. maddy says:

    I too am having the same problem… whenever i try to connect to camzap it only opens the beta camzap or its hi version of camzap… This is happening for past few weeks… Can any one tell me how to access the original version of it?

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