iVideoChat Review

iVideochat is a webcam website that is transitioning over to a new name to become the Camfrog community. iVideochat is free to use without any downloads required, while Camfrog needs to be downloaded and is also offered for free. They have now moved away from the iVideochat and there is no alternative but to download the Camfrog if you wish to use their services.iVideo Chat via Camfrog

Interface And Other iVideoChat Basics

The interface is simple and almost boring, but there is nothing confusing about its layout. With the new Camfrog cross-platform, you can extend their services beyond your PC as it allows you to use their webcam service with both Windows and Mac as well as several Mobile devices.

With this webcam service you can chat one on one and join video chat rooms, send and receive SMS, and call phones all around the world. It works behind all firewalls, routers and wireless networks which may be an issue for some users. They offer over 6000 online rooms as well, making the possibilities endless, and you can use this webcam service to view other video feed without turning on your own webcam. Screenshots of the various layouts for different devices show a very cleanly designed application like webcam service. The computer version looks the most like a chat room, and makes the text chat box the main feature of the layout rather than the video feed.

Other Facts You Should Know About

We can’t really tell how safe this webcam service is in our testing. It connects you to several strangers and since it can be used with a mobile device certainly security factors do arise. It seems a little unsettling that someone could be viewing your video feed while remaining practically invisible as well, though there are certain good non-chat uses that particular feature can be applied to.

The Final Verdict

Overall, our impression of this video feed chat site is that it is slightly questionable. While it has several interesting features, there are better known and safer applications and/or programs out there that we would choose over this despite possible fees that come from some of them. If you don’t mind downloading a webcam service that has recently changed their name and gone from a non-downloading site to downloading required site then it’s worth a look. In our testing, however, we would say that it is near the bottom of our list of programs and applications to try.

Summary Review iVideoChat
  • Multiple Devices Supported
  • Simple Design
  • Interesting Features
  • Safety Might Be an Issue
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